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Seat Belt Myths

Myth: You don't need seat or shoulder belts if you have air bags.

Reality: If you don't have your safety belts on, you risk not being behind the air bag when it deploys. Safety belts help you stay in control of your vehicle by keeping you behind the wheel.

Myth: You're in more danger if you're wearing seat belts when your car catches fire or goes under water.

Reality: Less than 10-percent of auto collisions involve fire or drowning. Thirty-percent occur at speeds under 40 mph and involve head, neck, and chest injuries. These are injuries seat belts help prevent or minimize.

Myth: Seat belts aren't necessary if you're only making a short trip.

Reality: Most fatal accidents occur 25 miles from home. Safety belts give you a 45-percent better chance of surviving a serious crash and a 50-percent better chance of escaping injury. They're the cheapest, most effective defensive measure you can take.

Don't get tripped up by the myths, please buckle-up!

This article includes copyrighted material used with permission from the National Safety Council's Defensive Driving Course and their annual publication Accident Facts.


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